EHR Updates
Technology innovations have had a tremendous impact in advancing modern healthcare.  And over time, a few enterprise solutions are market leaders used by hundreds of hospitals and practices throughout the nation.  However, patient information contained in these systems and each person’s electronic health record (EHR) is highly dependent on the data that is being included in that person’s EHR.  Oftentimes, there are incomplete and sometimes inaccurate details due to the data quality and timing of various updates.

With a robust patient communications program, the quality of each patient’s EHR improves dramatically.  Capturing specific updates from regular conversations is essential to ensuring that hospitals and practices alike have the most current, accurate details about a person’s health and well-being.  PREMEDEX patient communications programs solve those challenges of timely, updated patient information.  The PREMEDEX team of clinical and non-clinical representatives work closely with client hospitals and practices to connect with hundreds of patients every day for specific and routine follow-ups.


Best of all, PREMEDEX programs are turn-key and work with existing EHR and other enterprise systems, with no additional technology investments required to get started.



PREMEDEX can help you connect with patients today.