Healthcare providers understand the importance of timely follow-up calls to patients after they are discharged from a hospital stay. There are numerous benefits to the health system – improved patient satisfaction,

reduced readmission rates, staff recognition, and better HCAHPS scores – but only if the right person is calling with the right approach. That means that the person needs to be empathetic and highly skilled to listen closely and recognize potential issues with each patient.
Hospitals sometimes make a mistake of using valuable nursing time to call patients after discharge. While patient callbacks are very important, a nurse’s time is better spent helping patients currently in the hospital.
A better use of time and resources is to designate these important activities to trained healthcare coordinators who understand how to connect and listen closely to patient needs. And that starts with PREMEDEX.We work as an extension of your care team with our healthcare coordinators facilitating communication between patient and provider and providing real-time patient feedback.
Our healthcare coordinators are the foundation of the PREMEDEX solution. Not only are they are highly trained to identify service recovery opportunities and potential clinical interventions, they also can do one thing that is much more valuable than anything else:
THEY SAVE LIVES. In this case, your patients’ lives.
Getting to know the PREMEDEX team means getting to know the people behind the phone lines every day. Through this video, our coordinators explain what their job means to them.