Effective, timely patient communications are essential, and especially for patients transitioning from a recent hospital stay.  There are numerous items that need to be reinforced, including:

  • Filling prescriptions
  • Following recommended therapies
  • Reviewing progress toward recovery
  • Identifying potential patient issues
    … and much more

Often, hospitals will utilize valuable nursing resources to handle such follow-up.  However, a nurse’s time is best spent with currently admitted patients as compared to time-consuming administrative needs and follow-up.

PREMEDEX Post-Discharge Management solves this need for hospitals of all sizes.  Our dedicated team of clinical and non-clinical professionals speak with thousands of patients every day.  And with the PREMEDEX Patient Manager, patient data can be securely transferred from your internal systems for access by the PREMEDEX team.  And, through our conversations with patients, attending physicians and other healthcare staff can be alerted in real-time as to possible issues that need to be addressed to minimize the potential for readmissions.

PREMEDEX Patient Discharge Management at a glance

PREMEDEX Case Study - Readmissions Reduction

Click here to read about reduced readmissions at a PREMEDEX client hospital system.



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