Remote Care Manager

PREMEDEX Remote Care Manager is a turn-key solution that enables physician practices of all sizes to quickly establish a robust telehealth practice.  In less than 48 hours, physicians can be scheduling virtual visits with patients for routine check-ups and follow-up visits. Startup costs are minimal, and can likely use personal computers and tablets that are already in use in your office.

Remote Care Monitoring

PREMEDEX Remote Care Monitoring provides additional capabilities for patients who need to submit updated health data as part of their virtual visit. With a variety of supported devices, Remote Care Monitoring enables physicians with unique details on a patient’s current health to more accurately assess their well-being as well as be more informed for prescriptive actions. Devices are shipped directly to the patient and are ready-to-use, only requiring that the patient plug-in the devices into a power outlet.

PREMEDEX can help you connect with patients today.