Patient Communications & Analytics Firm PREMEDEX Assists Hurricane Sandy Victims

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Patient Communications & Analytics Firm PREMEDEX Assists Hurricane Sandy Victims

December 17, 2012


PREMEDEX Offers Innovative Patient Communication Services & Analytics to Aid in Care Management and Coordination of Care During Time of Chaos


In late October, the super-storm Hurricane Sandy carved a swath of destruction from the Caribbean through the northeast United States. The largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, Sandy caused the deaths of over 250 people in seven countries and directly caused an estimated $20 billion in damage.


During this period, many healthcare facilities were severely impacted and physically crippled, but at the same time, they were in greater demand than ever by citizens in the disrupted communities.  Many scenarios were witnessed; patients being shuttled from one facility to another where utilities and other services were available, physicians and staff working around the clock, some of whom had lost their own residences but continued to serve, family members missing, and other unimaginable sites.

One hospital in particular, South Nassau Communities Hospital, located in Oceanside, NY, witnessed many residents of their community who were severely impacted by the storm.  To add to the distress, a nearby hospital was closed as a result of the damage.  South Nassau lined the halls with beds and was operating at 400% capacity, accepting anyone who came through the door, according to a local source.


“The Atlanta Angels”


“Prior to the storm, we knew several of the executive team members at South Nassau”, said Jim Bowling, of PREMEDEX.  “We read and heard about the chaos in the area and simply wanted to help in some way.  Some of our contacts at South Nassau were literally working around the clock in the hospital, and they had lost their own homes.  Our hearts went out to all who were affected.”


Amidst the disarray, there were cases of patients who were being discharged who did not have a home to go to, pharmacies where patients normally received medicines were closed, physician offices were destroyed so follow up care could not be conducted, and the idea of “coordination of care” was severely interrupted. PREMEDEX provides communication services to follow up with patients and assist with the coordination of care.  “Our community needs were at an all-time high during this crisis. 


PREMEDEX assisted by engaging our patients, helped us check on patients post-discharge and direct them to shelters and other emergency community services that had been set up.  We called them our Angels from Atlanta, helping us coordinate care for patients and volunteering their services.  They were great and set up the entire program in just two days” explained Rita Regan.


Jim Bowling from PREMEDEX adds, “all facilities should be conducting patient follow up communication services in the new age of healthcare, and the need was compounded by the destructive storm within the community that South Nassau serves.  Like so many other companies, we just wanted to do what we could to help.  Speaking with patients to see how they are doing, coordinating care, and gathering valuable insights about their behavior beyond the walls of the hospital is what we do – it right for the patient and helps the hospital meet new performance requirements, they (South Nassau) needed immediate help.”


PREMEDEX is an integrated healthcare data and communications company based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Offerings include patient callbacks, appointment reminders, care management programs, and actionable analytics.   Call 678-285-3100 to learn more.

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