Follow-up after Patient Discharge – Closing the Loop

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Follow-up after Patient Discharge – Closing the Loop

January 17, 2019

In healthcare, especially your own, the last thing you want is an “open issue” … something that isn’t thoroughly reviewed and furthermore, that isn’t treated to return you back to a healthy lifestyle.


When patients are discharged, especially “at-risk” patients, the last thing anyone wants is an open issue.  If you’re in the healthcare industry, visiting with hospital clients is the best way to know if you are delivering results to complete satisfaction, and most importantly, to deliver the high level of quality service and care that patients expect and deserve.


In a recent meeting with a long-time client, we were reviewing a variety of results about our patient discharge follow-up program … real-time service, clinical interventions and related actions.  At one point in the conversation, the CEO joined us, and remarked on how our teams have been very effective in delivering great care and follow-up with patients.  He offered his gratitude for the work we perform as an extension of the staff and made his usual remarks about the real-time effect of the data and communication. He went on to ask "how long have we been working together now", which is a great question to hear … suggesting that our team has been delivering great value.  And then … venturing a bit to the edge, we asked the CEO, "what do you like most about what we do?" Without a pause, he said "you provide a system for tracking and closing the loop on issues. We have staff who can call patients and the best EHR available, but your system provides us with the consistent outreach, documentation, and evidence of what is done to close the loop on issues identified. We didn’t have that system without you."


We concluded our meeting with the team and then quickly headed off to our next meeting at another unit of this hospital system.  A newer colleague exclaimed, "wow, that was amazing - it's all about communicating and closing the loop."  And in retrospect, that’s exactly it.  In healthcare, or any profession, effective communication is essential.  And in healthcare, “closing the loop” is a requirement, especially when a patient’s care and well-being is involved.


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