Patient Callbacks: Identify Patient Needs AND High-Performing Staff

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Patient Callbacks: Identify Patient Needs AND High-Performing Staff

January 31, 2019


Gone are the days of patients leaving the hospital without follow-up calls. Callbacks are now common in hospitals throughout the United States.


Callbacks help identify patient issues and have saved many lives. Callbacks also prevent readmissions. And, data often includes positive feedback about staff members. Patients constantly share this information, which may not be captured and shared. Callback contact rates, particularly when using a trusted partner, are significantly higher than paper surveys. Additionally, patient callbacks happen quickly, usually within 24-48 hours, so information is current.

A robust callback process enables organizations not only to respond to patients, but also to capture insights about staff. Unfortunately, many hospitals do not capture and communicate these details. Yet, at many of our clients, we often see 80% of patients offering feedback about their experience. Sharing this data quickly is important to addressing patient needs and to acknowledging the good efforts of your team. Positive feedback keeps teams motivated. We can help you with employee recognition, reputation management, and more. Visit for more details.

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