Call or Text Messages: Meeting Your Patient’s Needs

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Call or Text Messages: Meeting Your Patient’s Needs

February 8, 2019

Live calls or automated messages - what’s best? It depends. If you're focused on patient satisfaction, live voice calls are best, as a live person can listen and show compassion, which doesn’t happen with a robocall. But live calls cost more. If you just want data, automated callbacks can work. Other considerations include volume, age, and how the patient will respond.


PREMEDEX has many solutions. Focused on satisfaction? Our team can have great conversations. They build a trusted relationship on the phone, and quickly they learn how patients are recovering and provide real-time feedback. Focused on data? We have automated messages, which are a few questions that can also route patients to live resources. Patients can also access other resources with this approach.


A hybrid model includes live conversations with automated calls or text messages as follow-up. This approach allows us to educate patients who can still request a follow-up conversation.


Live voice drives the best patient experience, and higher contact rates are typical. Automated tools are effective too for high volume and cost considerations. Connect with PREMEDEX today to explore our engagement solutions. Contact us for more information.


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