The Power of Personal Communication: “Moving the Needle” on HCAHPS

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The Power of Personal Communication: “Moving the Needle” on HCAHPS

February 28, 2019

Have you heard of Zappos?  Have you ordered anything from them?  They are awesome and offer free returns, good prices, and are known for having INCREDIBLE service. In particular, Zappos places a very high value on the conversations that are had each day over the phone between their staff and customers – it’s a top priority in their business to exceed expectations.



Now, compare that approach with some solutions that want to automate the “interactions” between patients.  While this process may be highly efficient, people react AND respond to people … not to computers.  Below is a quote from the Zappos CEO.


“Tony (CEO) himself points to the telephone as the differentiator of the Zappos customer experience. We're talking about the challenge at Zappos of competing directly with its overlords at, often selling the exact same items, and sharing the same technological backend. I define the Zappos/Amazon difference thus: Amazon’s site is set up for customers who want the fewest clicks and the most streamlined experience, while Zappos appeals to customers who enjoy a touch more backstory on the merchandise and have a bit more interest in the people who are selling it to them.  Tony is insistent, however, that this differentiation isn’t achieved through the website; it’s a result of how people are treated when they actually interact with Zappos. “I don't think the difference [between the appeal of Zappos and the Amazon brand] is in the UI [the website user interface]. It's in how we build a personal connection, primarily on the phone.  We’re actually experimenting with ways to get more people to call because it’s such a valuable marketing and brand builder for us."


Think about it.  If a shoe and apparel company is encouraging personal conversations with their customers, doesn’t it make sense that conversations about someone’s health and well-being should require a human conversation?  PREMEDEX is built on delivering quality service and improving patient satisfaction.  With our talented, experienced staff of patient care coordinators, we help our clients “move the needle” to better HCAPHS scores, and more importantly, improved patient satisfaction.


Contact PREMEDEX today to learn how we can help your team “move the needle”.

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