Impacting HCAHPS Opportunities: Patient Follow-up Comments are Key

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Impacting HCAHPS Opportunities: Patient Follow-up Comments are Key

March 7, 2019

Having a system in place to capture, route, and track comments to “closure” is essential.  And that system ... that process ... is best with people-centric solutions. Unlike technology-only solutions, the approach of "people talking to people" can provide significant opportunities to impact HCAHPS performance, because "people" can identify service recovery opportunities, based on emotions, voices, conversations and other factors.



With PREMEDEX, service recovery and clinical intervention insights are tracked to provide real-time updates on post discharge engagements and escalations.  Typically, 10%-15% of discharged patients generate an opportunity.  The PREMEDEX system categorizes the escalations by unit and monitors / updates resolutions.  Additionally, each patient can have up to three escalation reasons, which are tagged by PREMEDEX and correlated to key areas of HCAHPS.  Time to resolution is also tracked.  See below for an example of how PREMEDEX tracks patient feedback from follow-up calls.



Contact PREMEDEX to see how we can help you start a people-centric follow-up program.

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