Investing in real-time patient feedback: Happier patients = Greater

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Investing in Real-time patient feedback: Happier patients = Greater returns

March 28, 2019

Dollars are shifting to real-time patient engagement programs that contain actionable data. While the regulatory environment requires the HCAHPS survey be conducted, it does not limit the use of the captured insights. In fact, a big part of the regulation is intended to drive greater interaction between health workers and patients.  Still, the core of HCAHPS results is significant, as CMS retains 2.0 percent of a hospitals’ Medicare pay and then returns all or part of the money based on a value-based purchasing metric – of which 30% is based on the HCAHPS score.  These programs require significant investments in order to comply with the mandated survey process, including data handling and other necessary investments in technology.   In fact, new positions have been created within many organizations to manage this process.


But there are several challenges with the current HCAHPS process.  Many hospitals deliver the HCAHPS survey via mail.  Unfortunately, the return rate of the survey is typically very small, and in many cases, the responses are received 20-30 days after the patient is discharged. It is challenging if not impossible to associate feedback with a patient with such a delayed response.


Understanding patient outcomes and patient experience is growing with value-based healthcare and the rise of consumerism. And in order to stay ahead, health systems are shifting to real-time data sources.  PREMEDEX offers such solutions that provide real-time data, while engaging with patients to better understand the patient experience while also quickly driving clinical intervention as needed.


Benefits of Real-time Patient Feedback Data:

  • Pure focus on patient engagement drives contact rates (on average) to 75% +/-

  • Specially trained team and technology conducting outreach to remove from internal staff

  • Dashboards identify, track and categorize issues needing resolution

  • All data is available in real-time and can be leveraged for:

    • Staff Recognition

    • Social Media / Online Reputation Management

    • Improved Transitions of Care

    • Reduced Avoidable Readmission

    • Improved Patient Experience


Join high performance organizations by moving your patient feedback to real time with PREMEDEXContact us to learn more.


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