Patients vs. Scores: A Long-Term Strategy for Success

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Patients vs. Scores: A Long-Term Strategy for Success

April 25, 2019

Recent client conversations pose an interesting scenario – what DRIVES better performance … improved scores or overall patient loyalty?  In a time of regulatory governance that is forcing hospitals to improve their efficiency via financial penalties, it’s no surprise that many “strategic” decisions all center on "improving a score”.




But what REALLY drives better results?  According to The Advisory Board Company, longer term performance improves dramatically where the primary focus is on the patient experience as compared to score improvement.  In some ways, one might suggest that such a “focus” is merely a different way of communicating the same concept.  And perhaps that is true.  However, as with any business, what is said and how it is communicated makes all the difference.  Being intentional to describe the strategic vision of being patient-centric … striving for a high-quality patient experience in all aspects of the healthcare organization … is essential to a long-term success.



And what does that mean?  In summary, being patient-centric starts and ends with the patient.  Communicating directly, especially after patients leave the hospital, is a key focus area.  Managing the hospital’s online reputation via social media is essential.  Recognizing the hospital staff … publicly … drives greater engagement and individual performance.  And in simple terms, treating patients with an individual care and concern for their well-being on a regular basis will drive significantly better success over time.


The score is important, but the patients are MORE important.  PREMEDEX can help your team become more patient-centric.  Contact PREMEDEX today so we can learn more about your needs.


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