Satisfied or Not: Managing Patient Responses

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Satisfied or Not: Managing Patient Responses

May 2, 2019

In the 21st century world of instant information, people are quick to share their experiences about virtually anything … from dining to travel to buying groceries.  There are so many ways to quickly and easily tell the story, and because we all have emotions, it is normal for anyone to share an experience, particularly when things don’t go well.



In fact, in a recent survey about feedback, almost 75% of respondents with a very bad experience advised they told someone about their situation, with much of that feedback being via electronic means or online posts.



While the survey does not offer details, it’s reasonable to think that healthcare experiences are included, and candidly should be considered the most concerning given that the response involves someone’s personal health and well-being.


With that, hospitals and healthcare professionals have numerous opportunities to manage and influence a patient’s response … and their satisfaction.  Delivering a great patient experience is a cornerstone of any healthcare organization, simply from the emotional tenet that people help other people, especially when it comes to personal health.  And that drives loyalty which can bolster patient relationships as well as the long-term viability of any healthcare organization.  Even more with current regulations, patient satisfaction directly impacts the business of healthcare, with financial penalties for poor performance based on patient responses.


People WILL tell other people about their experience with anything … that’s what we do as human beings.  And the overall impact can be great to your organization ... but it can be severe when a bad healthcare story goes viral.  There is a solution to help your healthcare team manage patient responses, and it starts with PREMEDEX.  Our solutions are built on the concept of “people helping people”, and our experienced care coordinators help you capture and manage patient responses through our leading technology and processes.


Let PREMEDEX to help you manage patient responses … contact us today to learn more.


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