Shared Decision-Making Helps Improve Patient Satisfaction

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Shared Decision-Making Helps Improve Patient Satisfaction

June 6, 2019

Everyone likes to have input on decisions that affect them, especially big decisions … like the ones that involving your health and well-being.  So it’s not surprising that there is a direct correlation between patient satisfaction and “shared” decision-making between patients and care providers.  In fact, from recent studies, over 95% of patients state that they prefer a shared decision-making style with their doctor.




Shared decision-making involves providers educating patients about their conditions, outlining possible treatment options and outcomes, and considering patient lifestyle preferences before coming to a decision about care. With such an approach, patients feel more in control of their situation, which benefits the patient-provider relationship substantially.


According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), providers can follow these steps to develop their shared decision-making technique:

  • Seek your patient’s participation

  • Help your patient explore and compare different treatment options

  • Assess your patient’s values and preferences

  • Reach a decision with your patient

  • Evaluate your patient’s decision


However, even with an obvious benefit to improved satisfaction, only 58% of patients said they have experienced this style of communication. Doctors are extremely busy and try to maximize their time.  Team-based care can help with this opportunity, as well as better and on-going communication … before, during and particularly after a hospital visit.


PREMEDEX helps doctors and hospital systems expand their “shared decision-making” abilities every day, with regular follow-ups after hospital visits to ensure patients understand any therapies that have been prescribed, as well as to give those patients a “voice” to express any concerns or other feedback about their specific situation.

And not surprisingly, patients under the care of PREMEDEX client hospitals typically report overall higher satisfaction with their medical team and level of service.


Get started today to see how PREMEDEX can help your hospital team drive improved satisfaction through “shared decisions and insights” with your patients.  Contact PREMEDEX to learn more … click here.


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