Twice as Nice: The REAL Value of Patient Follow-ups

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Twice as Nice: The REAL Value of Patient Follow-ups

July 18, 2019


Every day, more emphasis is placed on healthcare organizations and individual providers being accountable for the quality of patient care.  And, much of this emphasis is managed, and actually governed, by quantified feedback from patients after an instance of care.  Simply put, patients are routinely surveyed about their perceptions and experience after a medical appointment and after a hospital visit.  And those responses have a direct impact on the evaluated performance and financial viability of healthcare systems of all sizes.



So, if health systems are looking to improve their performance, how do they best

evaluate what to do and how to do it?  There are many places to look and many things to consider, but the answer is actually quite simple.  Patient follow-up calls can have the biggest impact to overall perception and financial performance.  Consider the following, which represent real results from a PREMEDEX client.  To measure the impact of PREMEDEX Patient Network follow-up solutions, the health systems identified a patient population whereby some of the discharged patients would receive follow-up calls, while another similar group were not part of the initial roll-out.  The results were amazing … and quite clear … as to the power and value of patient follow-up after being discharged.  In almost every category, those who received a follow-up call had TWICE the level of self-reported satisfaction as compared to the group who were not part of the initial rollout.  That’s correct.  By receiving 1-2 scheduled follow-up calls, patients were significantly more satisfied in their perception of their recent hospital stay and their care providers.



Download the PREMEDEX case study to see these results ... click here.


And so what is the REAL value of that feedback?  Those results have a direct impact on financial reimbursements.  More importantly, patient feedback is viral.  Word-of-mouth influence is often very powerful when making personal healthcare decision. 



For healthcare systems evaluating options to their performance and perception, the answer is simple.  A structured patient follow-up program is the clear answer … which delivers higher performance and higher satisfaction.  Twice as nice is a good result.


Learn more about PREMEDEX and how we can help your team achieve these results.  Contact us today.




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