The Value of Patient Satisfaction: Priceless

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The Value of Patient Satisfaction: Priceless

August 22, 2019

Think about this scenario:  you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital with a serious condition.  You see your normal doctors on a regular basis, but in a hospital environment, you likely will have caregivers whom you may have never seen.  But in those moments, your confidence in those people is paramount to ensuring your symptoms are addressed and that you are quickly on a path to recovery.



What “value” do you put on your confidence in that situation?  In a word … it’s priceless.  And to the hospital, patient care and satisfaction are the top priorities.  But to the hospital, there is a price, especially when it comes to the utilization of nurses.  The best use of a nurse’s time in a hospital is in direct interaction with an admitted patient.  And yet, there are numerous demands in today’s modern hospital environment.  Recording information, updating files, making phone calls and many other activities take away from that direct interaction.  And when a patient is discharged from the hospital, they will be surveyed on many items, one of which is the communication and care provided by the nursing staff.  With all of these demands on nurses today, it’s sometimes not surprising that patient satisfaction may suffer.  The hospital administration faces a real business dilemma … how do we delivery an exceptional patient experience and also best manage our valuable nursing resources?


A great approach is to partner with trained professionals to handle important activities that extend beyond the hospital stay.  Patient callbacks are essential to delivering a “priceless” patient experience that results in high satisfaction.  It’s very important to a full recovery that patients are confident with their discharge instructions and any required therapies that are prescribed.  A great way to reassuring discharged patients involves phone calls with trained professionals to help answer questions and monitor patient progress.  But valuable nursing time may not be the best resource to handle these essential tasks.


At PREMEDEX, that’s what we do.  We partner with hospitals throughout the nation to help patients feel confident when they are discharged from the hospital.  Our team is an extension of your nursing team and frees up their time to focus on patients currently in the hospital.  We help you deliver an exceptional patient experience, which can lead to high patient satisfaction.  To hospitals, those scores are very valuable.  To the patient, satisfaction is truly priceless.


Contact us today so we can learn more about helping you better allocate your nursing time and also deliver exceptional patient experiences.


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