The ONE Solution for All Healthcare Challenges: Patient Communications

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The ONE Solution for All Healthcare Challenges: Patient Communications

December 16, 2019


“Houston, we have a problem.”  For those that don’t remember or are too young to know, that is a quote taken from the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the moon in 1970, where the crew of three reported a malfunction with the equipment and effectively required them to abort the planned landing on the moon.  (For accuracy and follow-up, the quote was actually slightly different, and the crew did return safely to earth.)


In healthcare systems, there are all types of challenges.  Operational, financial, personnel, technology … the list goes on and on.  And with overarching and ever-changing regulations, the targets for success are constantly moving.  But no matter the challenge … regardless of the barrier … the key to solving ALL healthcare system challenges is found in one area – patient communications.


Having a strong, ever-present focus on patient communications is absolutely essential in modern healthcare.  Whether to avoid negative issues or improve positive results, successful healthcare strategies and tactics must include specific programs focused on direct, ongoing communications with the patients they serve.  Challenges in today’s healthcare environment are often spotlighted in terms of improving revenue or avoiding penalties.  Improving revenue in healthcare simply means serving more patients while also providing multiple services while the patient is in the system (such as a pharmacy or physical therapy onsite).  Avoiding penalties includes a focus on patient satisfaction and reducing readmissions and many other interactions that typically fall under the umbrella of patient experience.


In any of the scenarios listed above and many others, the common thread is a regular, live interaction with patients.  And at PREMEDEX, that’s what we doWe talk to patients.  Every dayTo hear patient concerns.  To ensure patients understand their regimens.  To listen.  To comfort.  To alert caregivers if they recognize a problem.  PREMEDEX helps patients and healthcare systems with challenges.  That’s what we do.


Your healthcare system likely has some challenges. And the solution starts with talking to patients.  That’s right … talking to patients … not just emails or text messages.  And that’s where PREMEDEX can help you.  Contact us today to learn more.


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