Patient Health: The RIGHT Communication at the RIGHT Time

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Patient Health: The RIGHT Communication at the RIGHT Time

January 16, 2020

In 2020, there are an infinite number of communication methods and ways to connect with one another.  From phone calls to text messages to face-to-face conversations – and everything in between – people can engage with each other at any time by any means for any reason.  But when thinking about one’s health and well-being, what is the BEST way to connect?  More importantly, when should caregivers reach out and what should they say?



The simple answer is … it depends.  Below are some communication methods regularly used in modern healthcare:

  • Face-to-face conversation

  • Phone call

  • Text message

  • Email

  • Video call


So does one method work better?  Again … it depends It matters based on the purpose of the outreach.  When thinking about a patient communications strategy, healthcare providers should embrace a plan that includes various communications methods that are well-timed based on the stage and needs of patient care.  For instance, a text message works well to let a patient know that their prescriptions are ready.  Quick … to the point … timely.  In contrast, a phone call from a live, trained professional is the best method for follow-up after a patient is discharged from a hospital stay, and especially within 24 hours after discharge.  Timely … specific to that patient’s situation … personal … with the ability to capture feedback and take action as necessary.  This is especially true if the patient is less mobile and limited in their ability to react to an automated message.




Hospitals and healthcare organizations of all types and sizes should focus on patient communications as a cornerstone of their overall strategy.  Effective, timely, relevant communications are essential to the well-being of the patient, but also to the well-being of the organization’s overall performance.


PREMEDEX can help your team identify the RIGHT communications at the RIGHT time for your patients.  Our trained professionals connect with hundreds of patients every day and monitor those interactions on robust, market-leading technology.  Contact PREMEDEX today to learn how we can help you improve your patient communications approach.


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