Patient Communications: The Use of Technology

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Patient Communications: The Use of Technology

January 23, 2020

Today’s world is governed by technology, in almost everything we do.  In fact, one recent very successful ad campaign suggested “there’s an app for that”.  It’s true.  We can literally manage and monitor every aspect of our lives from a device that fits in our pocket or even worn on our wrist.  It’s amazing and yet almost too much to comprehend at times … especially for the older generation.




The older generation.  That group of people who are approximately age 50 or older, who did not grow up with a smart device attached to their hip or hand.  In fact, while technology adoption is growing rapidly among this segment of the population, there are still mixed reviews as to when technology should be used to communicate, especially for matters like one’s health and well-being. In a recent report that spotlights the U.S. Veterans’ Administration, there has been tremendous growth in technology adoption.  Still, the VA suggests this momentum will only continue with dedicated resources focused on patient adoption and secondly, a focus on making virtual care services available to all, especially those who are in remote areas or hesitant to adopt these methods.

So how do healthcare providers and hospitals move forward? A key is to dedicate resources to manage overall patient communications.  That means a focused effort that involves a clear understanding of patient preferences combined with patient education programs about the use of technology in managing their individual care program. And, predictably, for people that are hesitant to adopt technology for managing their personal health, it’s essential that there are traditional conversations over the phone or in-person to connect with these groups to check on their well-being as well as to help educate as to the benefits of connected care.


PREMEDEX can help your healthcare team move forward with connected care.  Our focus is managing the health and well-being of patients through effective patient communications.  Our approach includes a powerful combination of trained professionals equipped with modern technology that helps ensure timely patient follow-up and reduces the burden on your nursing staff to complete these essential activities.

Contact PREMEDEX today to learn more.


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