Patient Satisfaction: Perception is Reality

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Patient Satisfaction: Perception is Reality

February 27, 2020

Modern healthcare is constantly being evaluated on many levels, and several performance metrics include a focus on patient satisfaction.  Research and practical application show that there is a direct correlation between hospital performance and overall patient perceptions of care in general and specifically during a hospital visit.  In that context, healthcare systems of all sizes have an intentional focus on patient satisfaction, not only for the intangible benefits of being highly regarded, but also for the very tangible impact to performance via assessed financial penalties or bonus payments.



What drives a better patient experience?  Academic and independent studies predictably indicate that “perception of care” is always ranked as a factor in patient feedback.  However, “perception of care” doesn’t necessarily mean that caregivers are more knowledgeable or experienced in their respective field.  In fact, when digging deeper, perception of care is directly tied to an interpretation of the quality of communications by caregivers during and after a hospital stay.


To simplify, patients react positively when there is a regular dialogue … an ongoing conversation … about their health and well-being.  It makes sense and there is data to quantify that premise.  Consider these actual results.  A multi-location health system in the mid-Atlantic region had two similar patient groups, and conducted a pilot program where half of the patients received live callbacks after discharge, and the other half did not receive live callbacks.  The results on patient satisfaction were remarkable.  In many categories, the group with callbacks had TWICE the level of satisfaction as compared to the other group.  And such positive feedback has translated into improved financial performance.



Patient satisfaction is a subjective measurement.  Everything can matter, and some things matter more.  Like regular communications.  Especially after discharge from a hospital stay.  Let PREMEDEX show you how their hospital clients have partnered to drive satisfaction.  More importantly, see how patients have higher satisfaction from ongoing communications about their health and well-being.  Contact PREMEDEX today to learn more.


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