Your practice is really challenged, and starting TODAY, you can continue seeing patients with a robust telehealth solution that can be live within 48 hours!


PREMEDEX Remote Care Management (RCM)

Our innovative solution helps you safely see patients through virtual visits for regular check-ups and follow-ups.  Best of all, it’s easy to setup and has numerous benefits for you and your patients. In just 48-72 hours, your practice can start billing new revenue by seeing patients to monitor their health.

PREMEDEX Monitoring

For patients who need to provide updated health data, PREMEDEX Monitoring provides the technology that enables you to monitor specific patient needs.  Devices are shipped directly to patients.  Once received, patients simply plug-in the devices to a power outlet with no setup required.  In your practice dashboard, setup is quick and easy to connect each patient’s data to their record.  In no time at all, you will have detailed patient health data to review with your patient during their virtual visit.

PREMEDEX Remote Care Management at a glance



PREMEDEX can help you connect with patients today.